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“Tasty, authentic, and responsibly produced.”




Heidi loves fruit...loves growing fruit, eating fruit and capturing fruit's peak moments through her preserving. What she does not grow on her family’s organic farm, she seeks out from the best local and organic producers.


Plumline’s mission and culinary philosophy is to create beautiful, useful, and delicious products that reflect artful design and wise planetary stewardship.


Plumline jams are made using traditional French methods...copper jam pots, small batches, short cooking times that preserve flavor and color. We use the least time between picking and cooking—and only the freshest, perfectly ripe fruits.


The goal for Plumline is to keep it simple and let the fruit tell its own story, and so most of our preserves have only two ingredients: organic fruit and organic sugar.



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Hi there, friends and jam lovers!




This year I made a few new things … a trio of marmalades that are all really good. I also made a couple of "mixers" which are excellent to use as a base for cocktails or to mix with bubbly water. In your shaker put a tablespoon or two of the plum mixer, a sprig of fresh herbs, a squeeze of citrus, alcohol of your choice, ice and shake … top with bubbly water if you like … or just mix a tablespoon or two of the mixer with bubbly water and have yourself an Italian soda!



If you only want a few jars, I can ship. 1-6 jars cost $20 in shipping and handling and 6-12 jars is $30.




Heidi's Favorites

13 jars: $120 (one jam per month)

Damson plum, Green Gage plum, Santa Rosa plum, apricot, strawberry, roasted dry-farmed tomatoes, pears in syrup, blackberry, raspberry, pear rosemary conserve, candied tomatoes, quince jam, sour cherry sauce.


Family Share … filling your pantry and some to share!

26 jars: $240

Almost everything in the line plus 5 of your choice...

Damson plum, Green Gage plum, Santa Rosa plum, Italian plum, apricot, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb, blackberry, raspberry, pear rosemary conserve, roasted dry-farmed tomatoes, pears in syrup, quince jam, candied tomatoes, balsamic cherries, sour cherry sauce, tangerine marmalade, apple sauce, Bearss lime marmalade, Rangpur lime marmalade and five of your choice.


Apricot Jam Cases

6 jars for $50



$12: 9.8 oz.

$8: 5.4 oz.


9.8 oz.

Blenheim apricot

Damson plum

Green Gage plum

Satsuma plum

Santa Rosa plum

French plum

Italian plum




Strawberry rhubarb


Roasted dry-farmed tomatoes


Santa Rosa plum mixer

Green Gage plum mixer


5.4 oz.


Pear rosemary

Sour cherry...a few

Balsamic cherry...a few

Tangerine marmalade

Bearss lime marmalade

Rangpur lime marmalade

Candied tomatoes


Thanks for eating jam!







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